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Close-up of headlights on freshly cleaned car

Vehicle valeting

The last thing you want to spend a sunny afternoon doing is cleaning the car. At MotorShine, our vehicle valeting service means you never have to waste a weekend again. Contact me in Blackpool for a free quote. We're fully mobile and work within a 15-mile radius of Lancashire.

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Soap on Car

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One of the best valeting services in the North West!!
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Prices listed are for 3 door small cars, just add £10 for family, SUVs etc.

Bear Claw Wash Pad

We only use the best wash mitts to ensure a safe Wash!

Don't forget!! ALL our packages can be tailored and budgeted to suite you!


Basic Package

Car wash


Dashboard & Centre Console

  • Ext contact wash & wheels

  • Safe dry

  • hoover seats and floor

  • Dashboard/C console

  • Windows



Pro Wash

Hoover seats & Floor

Interior clean


  • Ext Pro wash & wheels

  • Safe dry

  • Inner door sills/frames

  • Detailed hoover incl boot

  • Detailed interior clean

  • Windows

  • Odor Neutralization


+ Silver

Deep seat clean (leather or fabric)

Detail Wheel clean

Quick wax/detailer application

  • Ext Pro wash & wheels

  • Safe dry

  • Inner door sills/frames

  • Detailed hoover incl boot

  • Detailed interior clean

  • Pedal box

  • Fuel cap

  • Windows

  • Seats & mats washed, if leather deep cleaned and balm protection

  • Odor Neutralization

  • Quick wax/detailer application.



Engine bay clean

  • Ext Pro wash & wheels

  • Safe dry

  • Inner door sills/frames

  • Detailed hoover

  • Detailed interior clean

  • Pedal box

  • Fuel cap

  • Windows

  • Seats & mats washed, if leather deep cleaned and balmed protection

  • Odour Neutralisation 

  • Engine bay clean

All our plans come with a courtesy tyre shine application!!

AirCon Refresh

Dirty Work!
Please call for quotes​

Milk spilled in car
Dog hair in car

Summer is looming, so why not let us clean & refresh your cars air conditioning, only £12 extra with a Gold valet!. The build up of bacteria and dirt is unseen and can really make your cars aircon unpleasant.

You'll be surprised on how fresher your car feels after we bomb it!! 

Air con refresh
Aircon refresh

Milk Spillages

Milk spillages can be a 'sour' experience!!. We have the expertise and chemicals, (that won't harm your interior) to clean and neutralize and we guarantee the smell won't come back!!


Another sickening smell, but not for us!! It's not the best job cleaning it!! But we are here for you. We can ensure a thorough clean and neutralization of any smell to ensure it won't come back!! 


Accidents can happen on occasions.
This is where Motor-shine can help in your time of need!! we can ensure a thorough hygiene clean with our extraction machine and chemicals, it will neutralize and clean the smell for good!!

Pet Hair

Got a pet that regularly travels with you? Then we have the tools and skills to eliminate all pet hairs. We get in all the unexpected nooks and crannies.
We price accordingly, dependent on severity of the hair.

Don't cry over spilt milk!!!

Got Mold??

Mold in vehicle

Then we have the skills!!

Tel: 07934 821 783

Side angle view of blue car

Hydrophobic Speed Sealant

From £79

Speed Seal contains the latest in Hydrophobic Polymer Technology which when applied will help to decrease drying times, improve gloss and create a hydrophobic layer. The hydrophobic layer repels water, increases beading and helps to stop dirt from sticking meaning future washes are easier.

White sports care being cleaned

What is our Pro Wash?

Unbeatable cleaning

  • First is a none contact cleaning phase - Power rinse to remove loose debris and dirt.

  • Heavy dirt fluid application used with a soft detailing brush to clean the intricates of your vehicle - door handles, edges, mirrors, trims, badges & plastics.

  •  Power rinse off.

  •  Snow-foam application, dwell for 5 minutes.

  •  Detailed wheel wash using none acid formula and     professional wheel brushes.

  • Tyre clean using APC

  • Two bucket contact wash method using bear claw wash mitt.

  • Full Rinse

  • Safe dry using micro-fibre towels

Pro wash

Because your vehicle deserves better

Our Testimonials

Here's what our clients have to say

Vehicle Valeting: Testimonials

First class service from start to finish, kept me informed before the day and rang to confirm the day before. First time I've used this service and will definitely be using the service again. Highly recommend the service, reasonable price for a first class service

Simon W

Glen, the expert, turned up on time, did not waste any time. After an hour or so produced a vehicle that seemed as if it had never been on the road - absolutely brilliant. Without any fear of contradiction you will be ecstatic with results.

David T

Prompt, enthusiastic, great job overall. New car to us, that needed a freshen up. Looks like a brand new immaculate car!

Steve B

Man Cleaning Car

Finding the right valeting service matters for your pride & joy. Make sure it's Motor-Shine

For a free no obligation quote on all our services, call...

07934 821783

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